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12 April, 2011

CaPoWriMo 2.12

Write a poem about a language you do not speak, write or understand, but with which you have had a fleeting encounter somewhere.

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Anonymous shrutanne said...

(a poem about a language you cannot speak, read or write but have an associaton with)


You are the allure of a bihu geet

the mystery of matsyagandha

you are turmeric, you are plantain plant

and I a pure virgin girl

you are the secret in the folds of this mekhala

the mad fervour of the bordoisila

you are in my ahom stole, in my ahom bag

but I can reach you only in translation

you are poetry, bihu dance and melody

hiding in the clining mist

you hug the Luit river in your fold

you kiss me, caress me fleetingly

I feel you, love you, wonder you

But I do not know you

06 May, 2011 11:49  

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