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08 April, 2011

CaPoWriMo 2.08

Write a sonnet with perfect rhyme and meter.

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Anonymous shrutanne said...

Sonnet-- Red

In a riot of colour, the lawn is ablaze

The red silk cotton tree seen half a mile away

Hanging brooms of bottle brush scarlet sway

The waxy crimson poppy petals glaze

My aching-breaking heart bleeds passion red

My angry jealousy burns all flame and fire

My impish wickedness jumps, plays, never tires

And I mourn the loss of something dead.

Red is the knowingness of menstruation

Jane's rebellious rage in the Red Room

Anne Shirley's red haired temper when it fumes

Little Red Riding Hood's cruel deception

Red is intensity of a passionate kind

That which I lost and yearn to find.

06 May, 2011 11:31  

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