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coffee and pen

10 December, 2004

Morning Showers

Out in the morning showers
Cloudy skies and bright smiles
Rain drops sparkling like diamonds
Running shoes kicking up puddles
Sprinting along side the parkway
Cold wind on my nose
Sweating in the rain
The heart beating faster
Running up the hill
Dry leaves in the mud
Scent of wet grass
Early birds singing their song
Those worms , somewhere hiding
Running shoes kicking up puddles
Morning showers
Sweating in the rain



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can actually feel the rain and smell the morning. beautiful!
and any advise: dont run out in the rain, you might fall ill.

11 December, 2004 09:00  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

Conjures images of a carefree childhood! Nice.

11 December, 2004 10:33  
Blogger dewdrop said...

:-D so vivid it reminds me of my marathon prep when we ran in the wonderful summer rains on picturesque trails - drenched through and through, morning sweat mingling with cool rain water. didn't have to worry about not hydrating enough!

12 December, 2004 05:32  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

Lovely imagery Sreekesh. Welcome aboard! This is the perfect picture of someone on his morning run with enough time to take mental snapshots of the view. You can actually see him in your mind. I, for one, always look for the worms :)

12 December, 2004 23:40  
Blogger khuto said...

Wow! sparkling like a rainwashed day!

13 December, 2004 23:02  

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