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coffee and pen

10 December, 2004

Silent Prayer (End of the day)

Stilled, numbed, sanity
somehow preserved-
I sit jaded,
reserves down
nerves jangled

in a tiny undersized
faded cane chair-
hardly holding me,
or even ma or
grandma before
wonderful women
who never could fit!

Yet it stays
right there
nearer three decades.
I do my time
what my crime
is though
I still do not know!

Stretched squeezed
severely strained
eyes closed agonized
I pray fervently for
Neither peace nor bliss
Only this- that after me

No daughter of mine
is cannonised
in the name of
sundry chores
and made to undergo
The daily ignominy
Of cane-pinched bottoms!

There is a tiny room besides the kitchen which houses everything from stored grains to sundry gods.My grandmother used to spend a greatdeal of her time here - from overseeing the cooking in progress or taking stock to performing her daily prayers - all sitting in this ridiculously small cane chair! Her joints hurt and sides ached - but this innocuous piece remains to outlive her. And, one hopes, not her daughter and grand-daughter!

Atreyee- Dec '04



Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

This is very funny! Khub hanshlaam, podhe :)

10 December, 2004 23:35  
Blogger zigzackly said...


Can't be doing your back much good, though.

11 December, 2004 00:47  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

Hmm .. lovely humourous stuff! My uncle, a photographer, had all us kids of the family, photographed in this one cane chair when we were young. The photographs range over an age difference of 25 yrs!

13 December, 2004 00:06  

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